Miss M goes to a Steiner preschool. One of the activ­i­ties they do is make bread — whole­meal bread. It is one of Steiner’s “sig­na­ture” activ­i­ties for preschool­ers. When I first heard it, I thought “how quaint!” and had this image of lit­tle chil­dren earnestly learn­ing the lost art of tra­di­tional bread mak­ing, … → Read More: Bread-making

Working around your children

I wrote in my pre­vi­ous post that it is impos­si­ble to work at home dur­ing the day while my chil­dren are around. Well, I take that back. It is pos­si­ble. But it comes at a price.

… → Read More: Work­ing around your children

Work-at-home mother

I’m a “work-at-home mother,” appar­ently. I was not aware of this phrase until recently, when I came across it at this new web­site. Chan­tal, who started this amaz­ing lit­tle shop, sells Aus­tralian hand­made children’s items made by work-at-home moth­ers like her­self (and she stocks my prod­ucts as well. Thanks Chan­tal!). Real­iz­ing … → Read More: Work-at-home mother

Border prints

Japan­ese children’s prints seem to come in three types: all-over print, bor­der prints, and panel prints. All-over print is like any West­ern prints, with the same images printed repeat­edly across the fab­ric. You can use any part of the fab­ric and make almost iden­ti­cal prod­ucts. Bor­der prints and panel prints, on … → Read More: Bor­der prints

Japanese madness

How could it be that Japan­ese children’s fab­rics are like no other? Their cute­ness is almost ridicu­lous. Add to the fact that these prints come in top-quality can­vas mate­r­ial — a very rare com­bi­na­tion to find in Aus­tralia or Amer­ica — and that new prints sell out like hot­cakes in Japan, and often … → Read More: Japan­ese madness

New fabrics have arrived!

Today, a box full of Japan­ese fab­rics I men­tioned yes­ter­day has turned up at our doorstep. Hur­ray! It’s unbe­liev­able that it only took 5 days to arrive all the way from Japan. And the fab­rics? They are even more gor­geous in per­son than online. The colours are vivid, the prints are clear, and … → Read More: New fab­rics have arrived!

New fabrics

If you have been to my online shop, you know that I love, love, love Japan­ese can­vas fab­ric with cute prints for chil­dren. They are either 100% cot­ton, or cot­ton linen blend (typ­i­cally 85% cot­ton and 15% linen). They are sturdy with­out being too heavy, and I use them to make every­thing from … → Read More: New fab­rics