Miss M goes to a Steiner preschool. One of the activities they do is make bread – wholemeal bread. It is one of Steiner’s “signature” activities for preschoolers. When I first heard it, I thought “how quaint!” and had this image of little children earnestly learning the lost art of traditional bread making, . . . → Read More: Bread-making

Working around your children

I wrote in my previous post that it is impossible to work at home during the day while my children are around. Well, I take that back. It is possible. But it comes at a price.














. . . → Read More: Working around your children

Work-at-home mother

I’m a “work-at-home mother,” apparently. I was not aware of this phrase until recently, when I came across it at this new website. Chantal, who started this amazing little shop, sells Australian handmade children’s items made by work-at-home mothers like herself (and she stocks my products as well. Thanks Chantal!). Realizing that . . . → Read More: Work-at-home mother

Border prints

Japanese children’s prints seem to come in three types: all-over print, border prints, and panel prints. All-over print is like any Western prints, with the same images printed repeatedly across the fabric. You can use any part of the fabric and make almost identical products. Border prints and panel prints, on . . . → Read More: Border prints

Japanese madness

How could it be that Japanese children’s fabrics are like no other? Their cuteness is almost ridiculous. Add to the fact that these prints come in top-quality canvas material — a very rare combination to find in Australia or America — and that new prints sell out like hotcakes in Japan, and often . . . → Read More: Japanese madness

New fabrics have arrived!

Today, a box full of Japanese fabrics I mentioned yesterday has turned up at our doorstep. Hurray! It’s unbelievable that it only took 5 days to arrive all the way from Japan. And the fabrics? They are even more gorgeous in person than online. The colours are vivid, the prints are clear, and . . . → Read More: New fabrics have arrived!

New fabrics

If you have been to my online shop, you know that I love, love, love Japanese canvas fabric with cute prints for children. They are either 100% cotton, or cotton linen blend (typically 85% cotton and 15% linen). They are sturdy without being too heavy, and I use them to make everything from . . . → Read More: New fabrics