Backpack diaper bag

I didn’t think I needed a new nappy bag — I already have two styles of nappy bags on Etsy and madeit, and they are both very pop­u­lar. But this week, while climb­ing this tower in a local play­ground, haul­ing my kids all the way to the top and then back down, I sud­denly real­ized that I needed a new nappy bag.

Playground tower at Newington Armory in Sydney

So when we came back home, I spent the rest of the day and much of the night think­ing about the design. Then the fol­low­ing day, I made this.
New backpack nappy diaper bag - front view
Hmm, isn’t it just another big ele­phant bag, look­ing slightly more sporty than my other bags? Well, maybe, but not really. If you look closer, it’s actu­ally more like my French pas­try bag (or the “birth­day tote bag”) than like my “day­care bag” or “beach tote bag.”
New backpack nappy diaper bag - bottom view
It has a wide rec­tan­gle bottom.

New backpack nappy diaper bag - inside view

I also used heavy-duty cot­ton for the lin­ing, to give the bag a firm struc­ture. You can see it’s firm enough to stand well on its own, with noth­ing in the bag.

There is one large patch pocket inside. I used the same yel­low ele­phant fab­ric here, but in ret­ro­spect it was a bit too much of the ele­phants. Next time I’ll make a plain white pocket.

New backpack nappy diaper bag - front pocket view

The main bag body has two dec­o­ra­tive white ver­ti­cal stripes, to give it a sporty look. There is a “hid­den” pocket in the mid­dle of the stripes, on each side of the bag. These pock­ets are not huge, but are handy for things like sun­glasses, wal­lets, and keys. 

New backpack nappy diaper bag - front pocket detail view

The bag comes with two adjustable, remov­able straps. That means you can carry the bag as a tra­di­tional tote bag with two han­dles, or use just one strap to carry it like a mes­sen­ger bag.

New backpack nappy diaper bag - front strap view

It looks a lit­tle like my “day­care bag” like this. It’s great for hang­ing over stroller handles.

But the best fea­ture of all, is that you can attach the two straps like this.…


New backpack nappy diaper bag - backpack straps view

and you can wear it as a back­pack in case of emer­gency — like hav­ing to push two kids up an enor­mous tower, or when cross­ing a busy road hold­ing their hands.

The “back­pack con­ver­sion process” takes just about 5 sec­onds. Well, it might take a few sec­onds longer if you need to adjust the strap lengths. Any­way, I tried to make it as pain­less as possible.

The bag is not quite ready for sale yet, because I need to source bet­ter hard­ware. I mean, the ones I used func­tion fine, but I know there are more elegant-looking clips out there. It should be shop ready in 3 – 4 weeks.

Over­all I’m very pleased with this bag. The hard­est part was to make the bag look good both as a nappy bag and as a back­pack. It gave me quite a headache think­ing about it, but in the end, I fig­ured that most peo­ple would use it mainly as a reg­u­lar nappy bag, and use the back­pack fea­ture only occa­sion­ally. So I pri­or­i­tized the nappy bag part of the design.

New backpack nappy diaper bag - being worn by me

So you see, it may not look very backpack-like when worn like a back­pack… but I think it looks okay, and it’s sur­pris­ingly com­fort­able. And when you really need your hands free to look after your kids, it’ll be price­less to have that option.

By the way, don’t you just love this yel­low ele­phant fab­ric? I’ve been using the ele­phant fab­ric for years, but had never thought to order the yel­low vari­ety before — because I thought it was too sim­i­lar to orange. But the yel­low is so much more beau­ti­ful in per­son — it’s such a gen­tle, sophis­ti­cated color. It’s sim­i­lar to the grey ele­phant one in that sense — both are per­fectly suit­able for grownups to wear.



  • Happy Go Lizzie

    Awe­some bag ! I love your idea . I don’t have a baby, but I still think this is a very sweet design . Love the yel­low! Love the elephants!

    • Asako Sakai

      Thank you for your kind words, Lizzie. I’m so excited about this bag, too. :)