Linen and Fox Lunch Bag and iPad Case

I love linen. Cute prints are great, too, but sometimes, I love the simplicity and earthiness of plain linen. It just so happened that my mother, who recently visited Japan, bought me this gorgeous fox fabric in navy blue. It went beautifully with 100% linen canvas. Naturally I had to make something right away. 

Navy blue fox fabric with 100% linen canvas

At first I thought I’d make an insulated lunch bag in a plain zippered sleeve style – no tote handles and no gusset. Many customers have been purchasing my lunch bags for themselves, rather than for their kids, so I thought another style of grownup lunch bag would be nice. Here it is. 

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee

I loved it! It fits a large lunch box with compartments perfectly, along with an ice block and utensils. It was a little too big for my kids’ stainless steel lunch boxes though.

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee 

While I was testing the pouch as a lunch sleeve, it occurred to me that this bag will also be great for an iPad – doesn’t it look quite stylish carried under your arm? It just so happened that I needed an iPad case.

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee

So I made version 2. I adjusted the lunch bag size a little to fit my iPad. I used normal quilt wadding this time, instead of Insul-Bright. I kept the ripstop nylon lining to keep my iPad from getting accidentally wet from a leaky water bottle, etc. Then I thought how nice it would be to add a little pocket to the bag, to carry my stylus and other little accessories. So I made a “hidden” pocket with the foxy fabric, just on one side. 

Linen and fox iPad case by Piggledee OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Perfect fit! The pouch is wide enough so the iPad goes in and out smoothly without getting caught in the zipper. Once inside, there is a little extra room for a small notebook, or notepad. 

Linen and fox iPad case - pocket view

This little pocket is so handy. It’s not big, but all I need to fit in there is my stylus, and maybe another pen. Here are the two pouches – looking quite similar but serving different purposes. 

Linen and fox lunch sleeve and iPad case by Piggledee

Insulated lunch sleeve and iPad case

This 100% linen canvas will go with a lot of different “accent” fabrics and colors. I can’t wait to make some more soon!


Polar Bear Tote Bags

I love the new polar bear fabric by Mico Ogura. The bears in pants and scarves are super adorable, and the print comes in beautiful shades of blue, pink, and yellow. Aren’t they great? These are insulated snack sleeves, by the way.

Polar bear insulated snack sleeves by Piggledee

But my favorite color is grey. So when a client asked me to make not one but two tote bags in this grey polar bear fabric, I knew they would turn out pretty special.

Grey polar bear tote bag by Piggledee

Grey polar bear tote bag by Piggledee

This is tote bag number one: It is a simple gusseted tote bag, but very large in size.

Grey polar bear tote bag by Piggledee - zipper viewGrey polar bear tote bag by Piggledee - pockets

The bag has a recessed zipper closure at the top. There are two inside pockets: an exposed zipper pocket, and a patch pocket. I love how the bear heads are lining up at the zipper side and on the handles!

Polar bear tote bag by Piggledee - bottom view

Here’s what the gusseted bottom looks like. 

And here’s tote bag number two!

Bucket tote bag in grey polar bear by Piggledee
Bucket tote bag in grey polar bear by Piggledee

It’s smaller than the first one, and great for everyday use as a handbag.


It has an oval bottom like my bucket diaper bags.

Bucket tote bag in grey polar bear by Piggledee - inside view

There are two patch pockets inside, and a carabiner tab on the side.

I hope these polar bears will bring my client lots of smiles!


Liberty Oilcloth iPhone Case

I have made quite a few phone cases in the past, but I am quite excited about this one I just made.

Liberty of London iphone pouch

The Liberty of London oilcloth is beautiful of course. But what I love is that this case is just the right size for my iPhone 5, and nothing else. It had to have a flap closure for the perfect sizing – a zippered pouch will always be a little too big, to compensate for the narrower zipper opening. This flap closes with a small magnetic button. 

Liberty of London iphone pouch

I developed this case for a customer actually. She wanted a phone case of this exact dimension, in a different Liberty fabric. So this blue case was one of the trial versions I made. But it so happened that I needed a new phone case for myself, too, so lucky me, I get to keep this trial version!

Liberty of London iphone pouch

I added a simple strap for this case, so I can wear my phone case cross-bodied. Here’s a confession: I’m one of those sad people who are glued to their phones. I tend to misplace my phone all the time though, in my own house, especially when my clothes don’t have a pocket. With this phone case, I can wear the phone on me all the time.

Plus, because the oilcloth fabric is waterproof, I can now enjoy my daily walks even in the rain, knowing my phone will not get wet. Hooray!

Liberty of London iphone pouch

Cocktail Napkins

I have been meaning to make serviettes for my shop for the longest time. We use cloth napkins at nearly every mealtime, and they are incredibly versatile. The only reason I waited this long to make them for my shop was that they are boring to make. I mean, they are just… square cloths. And folding the four sides with a hot iron (before sewing them) isn’t the most fun job.

Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic leaf)

But last night I had a sudden inspiration. I can skip the ironing part! Instead of ironing all the folded edges first, I gently rolled the hems with my fingertips as I sewed them. This technique took a bit to get used to, but once I got the hang of it I was thrilled with the result. The hems are narrow, clean, reasonably straight, and best of all I didn’t have to burn my fingers with a hot iron. 

Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic trees)

As a bonus, I found this napkin-making process relaxing. The simple motions were therapeutic instead of boring, and I loved that I could sew while listening to my favorite podcasts (This American Life and The Longest Shortest Time). It was a little addictive actually.

Piggledee cocktail napkins (stripe)

These napkins are about 7″ square (18cm). Great for entertaining, everyday mealtime, or for packing in the kids’ lunch boxes. They also double as a reusable wipe for cleaning your little ones’ faces. You can also use them as mini placemats to brighten up a snack time.

Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic trees)

Isn’t this tree fabric adorable? It’s 100% organic cotton. But my favorite might be the stripy one – the cotton linen fabric has a nice linen feel, and the yarn-dyed stripe pattern means you can see the stripe just as clearly on the back side as well. Then again I love these tulip organic cotton ones, too… Just adorable! All these cocktail napkins are now available at my shop


Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic tulip)


EpiPen Case

I have recently launched my new product range – EpiPen cases for children and grownups. Over the years, people have asked me to make EpiPen cases, because they couldn’t find any commercial ones that are pretty. It took a while for me to come up with them, but here they are!

epipen pouches by piggledee (elephants)

These are the ones for children. Aren’t the mini elephants adorable? I love this sturdy, laminated cotton from Japan that is waterproof and stain-resistant. The matt finish of the vinyl coating is gorgeous. The material feels solid and smooth in your hands.

Epipen case by Piggledee (blue elephant)

epipen pouches by piggledee (green elephant)

I used ripstop nylon for the bag lining. The pouch is not machine washable, but it’s easy to wipe it clean, inside or out, with a soapy damp cloth. The pouch has a layer of padding inside to protect the EpiPens – it feels nice and cushy.

epipen pouches by piggledee (grey elephant)

Each pouch comes with a special medical ID card. Amy from Gloriousmess!, who is an amazing designer and a medical doctor, custom designed these for me.  I particularly love the “Dr. Piggy” version for children – so cute! For grownups, Amy designed one with a red cross. The cards are printed on thick, high-quality paper to keep inside the pouch with your medical devices.

Epipen case by Piggledee (green elephant)

The pouch comes with a D ring tab on each side, and one carabiner tab. With a carabiner, you can attach the pouch securely to a handbag or school bag, so you can easily find it in case of an emergency.

Epipen case by Piggledee (pink elephant)

Epipen case by Piggledee (elephant straps)

I also made an optional, adjustable strap for wearing cross-bodied – in case of school outings, for example. You can remove the strap and keep it inside the pouch when not wearing it.

Here are my little models testing the pouches with the shoulder straps.

Epipen case by Piggledee (model shots)

Epipen case by Piggledee (model shots)

I couldn’t have designed these pouches without the help of kind friends who tested them and gave me feedback. I don’t own any Epipens myself (except for the smaller, trainer ones I use for taking photos) or have any experience with anaphylaxis, so their feedback was crucial. So thank you, Tanya and Sam! Based on their recommendations, I made the pouches large enough for two EpiPens and a small bottle of antihistamine. 

For older children and grownups who might find the elephants too childish, I love these classic stripes and polka dots.

Epipen case by Piggledee (stripes and dots)

Epipen case by Piggledee (stripes and dots)Epipen case by Piggledee (stripes and dots)

Epipen case by Piggledee (polka dots)

And for the ultimate in prettiness, I made these Liberty of London pouches with their laminated cotton fabrics. 

Epipen case by Piggledee (Liberty of London)

Epipen case by Piggledee (Liberty of London)

Epipen case by Piggledee (Liberty of London)

These pouches are great for lots of other uses as well. I’ve been using mine to carry blood glucose testing devices, and a set of medication tablets. It happens to be just the right size for it, and I love that I can keep it in my handbag without getting it all dirty.

Piggledee epipen cases (Liberty of London)

These medical pouches are all handmade with love from start to finish. They are now available at my shop.



Mini Coin Purse

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the support and comments on my Facebook page. There is nothing more gratifying than coming up with a new creation in the morning, sharing it on Facebook, and getting immediate feedback from my customers. Like yesterday, when I shared this photo of a mini coin purse.

Liberty of London Mirabelle coin purse by Piggledee

I made the coin purse with Liberty of London laminated print called Mirabelle. Normally I wouldn’t use white fabric for a coin purse, because it’ll get dirty very quickly. But that’s the magic of laminated fabrics – they are super stain resistant!

The pattern is my own. I made similar coin purses a couple of years ago, and just modified that pattern. The ones I made before had separate compartments for coins and cards, and were more complicated to make.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Original coin purse by Piggledee


This time, there is just one compartment for coins and folded notes. But simple is good, according to your comments. Because school children only need to carry a bit of change.

Encouraged by the positive feedback I received, I made four more of these coin purses that very afternoon.

Liberty mini coin purses by Piggledee

I took their photos immediately afterwards, and by the evening, the coin purses were added to the auction album. These all feature laminated prints and nylon lining – all Liberty of London prints except the elephant one. Don’t they look so cute together?

Laminated Liberty mini coin purse by Piggledee

Green elephant mini coin purse by Piggledee



(More photos)

Opening and closing a zipper can be fiddly for little ones. But with the key ring tab on one side of the zipper and my Piggledee tag on the other, it should be much easier. I attached a key ring and a swivel clip, so you can secure the coin purse to a handbag or a school bag. You can also attach it to your key chain, and that might be all you need for a quick trip to the shops.

I have five of these mini coin purses in the auction album. Please check it out if you are interested!


Rainy Day Shoulder Bags

I’ve been a little obsessed with laminated fabric lately. Particularly those matt ones that are more subtle looking. From a distance, you won’t know that these fabrics are vinyl-coated – they look like normal cotton fabric. Even up close, it’s hard to tell sometimes. My favorite is the Liberty of London laminated fabrics.

Liberty of London laminated fabric

These are the most beautiful laminated fabrics I have ever seen. In addition to the gorgeous Liberty prints to begin with, the laminated ones have great sturdiness, making it suitable for bags of all sorts. It feels amazing to touch – smooth and reassuringly solid, and it doesn’t have any icky synthetic feel. As a bonus, the material is waterproof and stain resistant.

The only drawback is that these Liberty fabrics are super pricey! This is why I had only made small things with it so far – like phone pouches with a wristlet, makeup pouches, and pencil cases. 

Liberty of London pouches by Piggledee

Top left: rainy day mini wristlet pouch / top right: triangle pencil cases / bottom left: flat makeup cases / bottom right: makeup pouches with a flat bottom.

But today, I made something a little bit bigger – cross-body shoulder bags! These bags are twice as large as my pencil cases, and has a simple zipper closure at the top. It’s a nice roomy size for a small wallet, phone, keys, makeup, and a few other essentials. 

Rainy Day Shoulder Bag by Piggledee

Rainy Day Shoulder Bag by Piggledee detail view

Isn’t this blueberry-like print gorgeous? The strap is long enough for a small to medium-sized woman to wear cross-bodied, or hang from one shoulder.

Liberty Rainy Day Shoulder Bag by Piggledee



You can remove the strap if you like, and use the bag as an organizer pouch instead. 

Liberty Capel Rainy Day Shoulder Bag by Piggledee


This print called “Capel” is one of my all-time Liberty favorites. And black goes with everything.

I used waterproof nylon taffeta for the lining. Having waterproof material for the outside and inside makes these bags pretty handy for rainy days. There is also a layer of quilt wadding inside for added cushiness and softness.

Rainy Day Shoulder Bag by Piggledee

Here’s another rainy day bag using laminated fabric – though not Liberty.

Rainy Day Shoulder Bag by Piggledee

I love this zebra-like bag.

Rainy Day Shoulder Bag by Piggledee detail view

There is a tiny gusset at the bottom – just to give some three-dimensional shape to the bag.

These rainy bags will be available at my Facebook auction, which is going on right now. Please come over and say hello




Snack Sleeve

I’ve been having so much fun making things for the Facebook auction market. There is something about creating for a specific audience – my lovely Facebook friends and supporters – that is particularly motivating and exciting. I love coming up with products I think they’d appreciate. Like these insulated snack sleeves.

Snack sleeve by Piggledee - green cats OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Several people in the past have suggested that I make either smaller insulated lunch bags, or insulated version of snack bags. So I made something that’s in between the two – it’s a very versatile size!

Piggledee snack sleeve inside view

These snack sleeves are a little bigger than a typical sandwich bag, and has a flat bottom. It’s a perfect size for a tab of yoghurt and a piece of fruit, OR a smallish container of lunch or snack. I recommend using a mini-sized reusable ice pack to keep the content nice and cool.

Piggledee snack sleeve inside view

This round container with a blue lid is from Ikea – the shallow one, not the deep one. I love these, and use them all the time for our kids’ school lunch box. The snack sleeve also fits other types of small containers. Fill it with cheese sticks, yoghurt, slices of cake, chocolate… or any other snacks that are best served cold. The ice pack and the insulation material should keep the content cool for a few hours.

I used a layer of Insul Bright inside for the insulation effect. The lining is PUL, using the non-coated side on the outside. I used PUL just because I was running out of coated nylon, but I do like the soft hand of PUL – with the non-coated side facing, it almost feels like normal cotton fabric, but with water-resistant effect. Even though the non-coated side is supposedly safer with food, as opposed to the coated side, I’d still avoid putting food directly in contact with the lining. It’s safer to use a container or a wrap around food, before storing it in the snack sleeve. 

Here are some of the cute fabrics I used for children.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Piggledee snack sleeves for children

And for grownups, or for older children, isn’t this mushroom fabric lovely? 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Piggledee snack sleeves with mushroom fabric

I hope to see you at the auction! You can visit my auction album here.



Everyday Tote Bag

I have been wanting a new tote bag for a while. You’d think I have plenty of bags to choose from by now – but I didn’t. I have several bucket nappy bags, a backpack convertible bag, a beach tote bag… and they are all wonderful for family outings. But they are all too big for everyday use. What I needed was a bag small enough for my wallet, phone, keys, small snacks… and my beloved iPad. That’s it. 

Black cat tote bag by piggledee

So this is the little black bag I whipped up this morning. I used a very sturdy cotton canvas fabric my mother found in Japan a couple of years ago. I love the cute-but-not-too-childish print of cats, yarn, apples, and other whimsical drawings.

Black cat tote bag by piggledee detail view

I like sturdy bags, so I used black canvas for the lining, fortified with interfacing.  There is a little patch pocket inside for my phone.  I also installed a carabiner tab on the side for my keys. These tabs are so handy – because there is nothing more frustrating than having to fish for your keys in your bag when you are in a hurry.

Black cat tote bag by piggledee inside view

The handles are heavy-duty cotton webbing in black.  All this blackness means I won’t have to wash this bag for a long time! Plus black goes with everything – especially in winter. The handles are long enough for me to carry the bag from my shoulder. 

Black cat tote bag by piggledee bottom view

The bag has a narrow flat bottom.

Black cat tote bag by piggledee

See, the bag is just the right size for all my needs, but there is still a little room left for extra things, just in case.

I’m very happy how the bag came out! I might make some for my shop in the future. 



Echino fabric boxes

I am a big fan of “Echino” fabrics by Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya. Her designs for this year are particularly pretty.

Photo collage of new Echino fabrics

Although my sewing room is overflowing with fabric, I could not resist ordering these prints. They arrived this week, and they were even prettier in person! I wanted to play with them right away.  The bird prints posed a challenge though, because the birdies were bigger than I thought. They are almost life sized, ready to fly out of the fabric. So I put them aside, and played with the other prints instead.

fabric boxes by Piggledee

Small fabric boxes! I thought these super bright, bold prints could be overwhelming in large sizes. But as small boxes, they exude just the right amount of impact. Put one or two on your work desk, and they’ll brighten up your space – and your mood, too – instantly. Or so I would hope.

Echino fabric boxes by Piggledee


Echino fabric boxes by Piggledee

green fabric box with an orange by Piggledee

They are large enough – or small enough – for one big orange or apple. Which is a great size for desktop organization. I use these boxes in my sewing room for organizing small sewing tools, address stamps, washi tapes, cut-up velcro strips… etc. They are very handy to have.

Echino fabric boxes by Piggledee bottom view

I used heavy-duty cotton for the bottom to give firm structure. I also padded the fabric for structure and cushiness. 

Echino fabric boxes by Piggledee lining view

To match the vividness of the Echino colors, I chose vivid Kona cotton colors for the lining. 

Echino fabric boxes by Piggledee

It’s hard to choose which box is my favorite – but I love this green stripe one in particular. It’s cool because you see different patterns and colors from different angles.  

Next project: what should I make with those life-sized bird fabrics?