Cocktail Napkins

I have been meaning to make serviettes for my shop for the longest time. We use cloth napkins at nearly every mealtime, and they are incredibly versatile. The only reason I waited this long to make them for my shop was that they are boring to make. I mean, they are just… square cloths. And folding the four sides with a hot iron (before sewing them) isn’t the most fun job.

Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic leaf)

But last night I had a sudden inspiration. I can skip the ironing part! Instead of ironing all the folded edges first, I gently rolled the hems with my fingertips as I sewed them. This technique took a bit to get used to, but once I got the hang of it I was thrilled with the result. The hems are narrow, clean, reasonably straight, and best of all I didn’t have to burn my fingers with a hot iron. 

Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic trees)

As a bonus, I found this napkin-making process relaxing. The simple motions were therapeutic instead of boring, and I loved that I could sew while listening to my favorite podcasts (This American Life and The Longest Shortest Time). It was a little addictive actually.

Piggledee cocktail napkins (stripe)

These napkins are about 7″ square (18cm). Great for entertaining, everyday mealtime, or for packing in the kids’ lunch boxes. They also double as a reusable wipe for cleaning your little ones’ faces. You can also use them as mini placemats to brighten up a snack time.

Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic trees)

Isn’t this tree fabric adorable? It’s 100% organic cotton. But my favorite might be the stripy one – the cotton linen fabric has a nice linen feel, and the yarn-dyed stripe pattern means you can see the stripe just as clearly on the back side as well. Then again I love these tulip organic cotton ones, too… Just adorable! All these cocktail napkins are now available at my shop


Piggledee cocktail napkin (organic tulip)


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