Cushion happiness

I used to make a lot of things for my children. But between full-time parenting and starting my own business, I haven’t done much of that lately. These days, when I’m at my sewing machine, my three-year-old daughter (let’s call her “Miss M”) would come to me, all hopeful, and ask: “What are you making, mommy? Is it for me?” And I would say, “Sorry sweetie, it’s not for you.” I must have disappointed her like this one too many times.

Because when Miss M needed a new cushion, and I got her a new cushion from a shop — which, I have to say, was a perfectly lovely one with red pompom braids — she decided to strike back. Barely looking at her new cushion, she announced, “I don’t like that one.” She pushed it away with her legs. Dismayed, I pleaded my case – “But look, it’s red. You love red. And look at these cute pompoms!” To no avail. “It’s not my cushion!” She kicked it off the bed. Dismissed. Case closed. There is no mercy in the court of a three-year old.

Okay, I got her message. I rose to the challenge of making a cushion my daughter would like.













I designed it as I went – I wanted a quick and easy cushion, not a heirloom. I took a piece of fabric I had in my scrap box, and pieced other fabric strips around it, in an impromptu log cabin fashion. I stopped when it was large enough to be a cushion top. The top took less than an hour.

I admit I wasn’t too impressed when it was finished. I thought the magenta was too strong. I was debating whether to rip the whole thing apart and start over, or stitch something over the magenta to rescue it somehow — when Miss M snatched it from me, pressed it against her face, and said “Is it for me? My cushion? I like it!”

So that was it. I made it for her, and it was special to her. She liked it, and that’s all it mattered. I quickly finished the back of the cushion in white and pink polka dot fabric.

Of course, I then had to make a cushion for my 14-month-old son as well — because he wants everything his sister has.















If I had more time, I might have made different cushions. But as far as quick and easy cushions go, they are not too bad. In fact they are growing on me. The main thing is that my children are happy with them, and that makes me happy as well.





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