I have never been a big fan of holidays like Easter and Christmas, and avoided celebrating them whenever I could. Must be a combination of my anti-social, anti-religious, and plain lazy tendencies. But having children changes many things, and holidays are no exception…. Well, actually, for three years after my daughter was born, Mark and I stubbornly continued to avoid celebrating Easter and Christmas at home.

But this year, with my 3-year old learning about the Easter Hare at her preschool, my mother visiting for the holidays, our housewarming party overdue, and Mark’s mother’s birthday coinciding with the Easter weekend, we were running very low on excuses.

So we finally came out of our holiday-disliking closet and had a Big Australian Easter Sunday Celebration. Complete with barbecue! sparkling wine! egg hunt in the yard! and birthday cakes to top it all. And who knew, it was fun.
















Miss M had her first egg hunt.

















She loved collecting chocolate eggs.















Mr. A loved eating them.























I think Mark’s mother liked these cupcakes.

So… I am a holiday convert now. I had forgotten how holiday celebrations are special and exciting for children. Seeing my children’s eyes sparkle with joy at such simple things like chocolate eggs – well, it’s priceless.


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