EpiPen Case

I have recently launched my new product range – EpiPen cases for children and grownups. Over the years, people have asked me to make EpiPen cases, because they couldn’t find any commercial ones that are pretty. It took a while for me to come up with them, but here they are!

epipen pouches by piggledee (elephants)

These are the ones for children. Aren’t the mini elephants adorable? I love this sturdy, laminated cotton from Japan that is waterproof and stain-resistant. The matt finish of the vinyl coating is gorgeous. The material feels solid and smooth in your hands.

Epipen case by Piggledee (blue elephant)

epipen pouches by piggledee (green elephant)

I used ripstop nylon for the bag lining. The pouch is not machine washable, but it’s easy to wipe it clean, inside or out, with a soapy damp cloth. The pouch has a layer of padding inside to protect the EpiPens – it feels nice and cushy.

epipen pouches by piggledee (grey elephant)

Each pouch comes with a special medical ID card. Amy from Gloriousmess!, who is an amazing designer and a medical doctor, custom designed these for me.  I particularly love the “Dr. Piggy” version for children – so cute! For grownups, Amy designed one with a red cross. The cards are printed on thick, high-quality paper to keep inside the pouch with your medical devices.

Epipen case by Piggledee (green elephant)

The pouch comes with a D ring tab on each side, and one carabiner tab. With a carabiner, you can attach the pouch securely to a handbag or school bag, so you can easily find it in case of an emergency.

Epipen case by Piggledee (pink elephant)

Epipen case by Piggledee (elephant straps)

I also made an optional, adjustable strap for wearing cross-bodied – in case of school outings, for example. You can remove the strap and keep it inside the pouch when not wearing it.

Here are my little models testing the pouches with the shoulder straps.

Epipen case by Piggledee (model shots)

Epipen case by Piggledee (model shots)

I couldn’t have designed these pouches without the help of kind friends who tested them and gave me feedback. I don’t own any Epipens myself (except for the smaller, trainer ones I use for taking photos) or have any experience with anaphylaxis, so their feedback was crucial. So thank you, Tanya and Sam! Based on their recommendations, I made the pouches large enough for two EpiPens and a small bottle of antihistamine. 

For older children and grownups who might find the elephants too childish, I love these classic stripes and polka dots.

Epipen case by Piggledee (stripes and dots)

Epipen case by Piggledee (stripes and dots)Epipen case by Piggledee (stripes and dots)

Epipen case by Piggledee (polka dots)

And for the ultimate in prettiness, I made these Liberty of London pouches with their laminated cotton fabrics. 

Epipen case by Piggledee (Liberty of London)

Epipen case by Piggledee (Liberty of London)

Epipen case by Piggledee (Liberty of London)

These pouches are great for lots of other uses as well. I’ve been using mine to carry blood glucose testing devices, and a set of medication tablets. It happens to be just the right size for it, and I love that I can keep it in my handbag without getting it all dirty.

Piggledee epipen cases (Liberty of London)

These medical pouches are all handmade with love from start to finish. They are now available at my shop.



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