French pastry bag no. 2

This week. I had another chance to make a tote bag with the beautiful “French pastry recipe” fabric and leather handles. This one was for a special client, who has now become a crafty friend. She requested that the bag be about 2″ shorter than my previous bag, and to have an exposed zipper pocket inside. This is what the finished bag looks from the outside. I love this shape.

French pastry tote bag with leather handles

I had never made an exposed zipper pocket before. Was it fearless of me to agree to a design I had no idea how to create, or was it a little… reckless? 

French pastry tote bag with leather handles - exposed zipper pocket

I hope it looks all right! Thankfully it was not too hard. I found a fantastic (and free!) tutorial on by Ms. Elaineous. Her step-by-step instruction with clear diagrams saved my day.

Had I used a white zipper instead of dark brown, it would have looked more seamless. But I think this thin line of brown zipper looks lovely as a decorative accent.

The bag has a simple patch pocket on the other side. 

French pastry bag tote with leather handles - inside pocket

Stitching the leather handles was very time consuming, like last time. But instead of being frustrated about it, I just decided to watch a couple of Grey’s Anatomy episodes while stitching. A very enjoyable experience. And hard work is clearly worth it, because the finished bag looks very elegant and luxurious with that touch of leather. 

French pastry bag tote with leather handles - leather handles

In other news I’m planning a special Facebook “auction market day,” in about three weeks time. I’ll focus on making small things like wet bags and sandwich bags using leftover fabrics. So check out my Facebook page for details!

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