Girl’s apron (or pinny) version 2

As promised, a craft-related post! So in my previous post about making a pattern from scratch, I made a simple apron for Miss M but was not totally happy with it. It was a little too wide, too short, and there was no fun design detail. So I went back to the drawing board, and here’s my version 2.






















I realized I had made a mistake about the girth in my first version – instead of 12 cm ease around the chest, somehow I had added 16 cm. Duh. So I corrected that mistake. I also lengthened it by 3 cm, to fall just below Miss M’s hips. Other changes were:

1. I shifted the dividing line between the top and bottom (how do you call this?) parts upwards, for a high-waisted position. I thought this might look more flattering. This meant I had to draw the patterns for the bottom sections, which are no longer just rectangles. But it wasn’t too hard.

2. I added a piping band along this dividing line (yay, a design detail!)

3. I added two patch pockets with the same piping fabric (another design detail!), and

4. for the back closure, I opted for loops and buttons instead of ties. I thought this would make the apron look more like a dress and wearable throughout the day like a jumper skirt. Here’s the detail view:











I wish I had prettier buttons, but I didn’t. Too lazy to go shopping, I just used vintage shell buttons from my stash. The fabric is from my stash as well. It’s very lightweight, perfect for spring.

This is what my amateurish pattern pieces looked like:











And the verdict? Well, I think the apron is cute for what it is, and it fits Miss M really well. Plus I learned heaps about making patterns. So I’d say mission accomplished. However, design-wise it looks pretty standard, and I’m sure I can find commercial patterns to make something like this anywhere. Hmm. I’ll have to try a little harder in that aspect for my next project…. I have a renewed respect for Project Runway contestants.

Here’s Miss M wearing the apron.















Can you tell how fake her smile is? She’s not happy with the fabric. That’s right, once again I managed to make something she didn’t approve. Oh well, at least I enjoyed making it and learned a lot from it. Besides, now I that I have the pattern, it’ll be a breeze for me to whip up another one in…. can you guess, pink. Yawn.

2 comments to Girl’s apron (or pinny) version 2

  • This is so lovely! Shame Miss M doesn’t approve – this happens to me all the time as well, as you know. :D Am so impressed with your pattern drafting mad-skillz!

  • admin

    Aw you are sweet, Su. It’s a lot of fun making kids’ patterns, because it’s so small and manageable. And I’ve read about Alice’s rejection of your pretty dresses, too! Why are little girls so picky for no good reason?

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