Handmade lampshade

Look what arrived at my doorstep this week.


























Isn’t this gorgeous? I bought it from lovely Kristen at her madeit shop called Lulu’s Lamps. The shade is expertly handmade from an Amy Butler fabric I like and have used in the past to make things, like a quilt and bibs.

I originally bought the lamp for my children’s room, but upon seeing this lovely little thing in person, I immediately changed my mind: my children don’t deserve this lamp. They don’t appreciate it like I do.

I have been making things myself for a long time, but buying handmade from other people is new to me. Previously I had this narrow-minded attitude of “why buy it when you can make it yourself.” But I was wrong! There is something special about buying handmade from someone else. You know there is a real person behind the item, and that person had spent her (or his) precious time thinking about it, designing it, and making it. Having that item around you makes you connect with that person. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know this person at all. You still feel this connection every time you look at the object. And that makes me happy.

I think I am now hooked on buying handmade.

The lamp now lives on my desk, casting a warm glowing light as I work at night.

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