Happy new year, everyone! I had a wonderful holiday break, going on a two-week camping road trip to Adelaide with my family. Well, we actually only camped for three nights, and stayed at my mother’s house in Adelaide mostly, but still.

It was our first time camping with our little ones, and was slightly apprehensive about it. But we need not have worried. They absolutely loved sleeping in a tent.


photo of the kids in a tent
We took three days to drive from Sydney to Adelaide. The scenery in rural Australia was just like this for 99% of the trip.
view from a car window in rural Australia
We packed our days in Adelaide with activities every day.  Cherry picking in Adelaide Hills….
cherry picking in Adelaide Hills
and apricot picking in my mother’s backyard.
apricots from my mother's backyard
We went to the beach a lot…..
seaweed picking in Adelaide
and fed farm animals at the fantastic Farm Barn in Hahndorf.
feeding a lamb at Farm Barn
The Central Market is amazing. If I lived in Adelaide, I’d be here all the time.
Central Market in Adelaide
 I didn’t do any sewing for two weeks (and didn’t even miss it). But I made lots of jam.
homemade apricot and cherry jam
On our way back to Sydney, the temperature soared to over 40 degrees. We chilled in the Murray River…. and gave up camping and sought air-conditioned accommodations instead.
swimming in Murray River
If I had to pick one favorite moment from the trip though, it would be watching the sunset into the ocean on New Year’s Eve. Bye-bye, 2012!
Sunset on New Year's Eve 2012

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