Linen and Fox Lunch Bag and iPad Case

I love linen. Cute prints are great, too, but sometimes, I love the simplicity and earthiness of plain linen. It just so happened that my mother, who recently visited Japan, bought me this gorgeous fox fabric in navy blue. It went beautifully with 100% linen canvas. Naturally I had to make something right away. 

Navy blue fox fabric with 100% linen canvas

At first I thought I’d make an insulated lunch bag in a plain zippered sleeve style – no tote handles and no gusset. Many customers have been purchasing my lunch bags for themselves, rather than for their kids, so I thought another style of grownup lunch bag would be nice. Here it is. 

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee

I loved it! It fits a large lunch box with compartments perfectly, along with an ice block and utensils. It was a little too big for my kids’ stainless steel lunch boxes though.

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee 

While I was testing the pouch as a lunch sleeve, it occurred to me that this bag will also be great for an iPad – doesn’t it look quite stylish carried under your arm? It just so happened that I needed an iPad case.

Insulated linen lunch sleeve by Piggledee

So I made version 2. I adjusted the lunch bag size a little to fit my iPad. I used normal quilt wadding this time, instead of Insul-Bright. I kept the ripstop nylon lining to keep my iPad from getting accidentally wet from a leaky water bottle, etc. Then I thought how nice it would be to add a little pocket to the bag, to carry my stylus and other little accessories. So I made a “hidden” pocket with the foxy fabric, just on one side. 

Linen and fox iPad case by Piggledee OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Perfect fit! The pouch is wide enough so the iPad goes in and out smoothly without getting caught in the zipper. Once inside, there is a little extra room for a small notebook, or notepad. 

Linen and fox iPad case - pocket view

This little pocket is so handy. It’s not big, but all I need to fit in there is my stylus, and maybe another pen. Here are the two pouches – looking quite similar but serving different purposes. 

Linen and fox lunch sleeve and iPad case by Piggledee

Insulated lunch sleeve and iPad case

This 100% linen canvas will go with a lot of different “accent” fabrics and colors. I can’t wait to make some more soon!


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