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I apologize for being so tardy in posting.  No excuses but my own laziness, really.  But I found, as I suspected, that there are many excellent free tutorials online on tote bags.  So there is no need to reinvent the wheels.  [note: having said that, I did write a detailed tutorial for a drawstring tote bag.  You can follow this to make a regular lined tote bag, too. Just omit making the drawstring top and add a set of magnetic buttons to the lining.]

(1) Patchwork tote bag with gusset tutorial:  

Aside from the patchwork and quilting details, this is how we made the tote bag in our sewing class.  I love how clear the instructions are in this tutorial.  I also like inserting a layer of quilt wadding in a tote bag, because it gives such a lovely cushiness and structure to a bag.  But of course you can just use normal iron-on interfacing instead.

A couple of other tote bag tutorials use different construction methods.

(2) For a very quick and easy tote bag without a lining, here’s a nice tutorial on  

(3) Another excellent tote bag tutorial from Purl Bee: an oil cloth tote with a circular bottom (not a gusset). 

Whichever method you use, the key to a successful tote bag is the fabric choice.  You would want to use heavier fabric like denim, canvas, and home decor fabric. Quilting-weight cotton is a good choice as a lining, but not really suitable for the bag body, because it is too lightweight. 

Happy bag making!



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