Market report

Oh no, has it really been over a month since I posted? Lazy, lazy me. And isn’t it shocking that it’s nearly November? It’s a busy season for markets now, gearing up for the holidays, so I want to write about my favourite new market today: the Bluebird Market in Leura, Blue Mountains.

I had the honor to participate in their launch market in October (the markets are on the first Saturday of each month). It was the first market, with only a handful of stalls, and the weather was not promising…. so I didn’t expect much from it. I went because I’d love any excuse to go to the Blue Mountains. And sure enough it was cold and rainy that day. Surprisingly though, it was so much fun.










This was the view from my stall. Live music! And not the loud and hideous kind. There were children dancing in the morning, obivioius to occasional showers. Behind them, coal trains came and went all day long, which was cool. The grounds of Alexandra Hotel was beautiful, with lush greens and flowers. Most of all though, I sew a different kind of crowd up there in the Mountains – people who are a little more relaxed, a little more into enjoying the “now” and a little less on a strict schedule than in Sydney. Children were allowed to have fun where they found it, and grownups weren’t all staring into their phones every spare minute. Funny how it’s a very different place, even though it only took me a little more than an hour to drive up there.










Here’s my stall. The usual suspects, plus I had a new rack from Ikea to display baby blankets and such. The problem with my tendency to make one new thing after another, is it’s hard to find display space to house them all.

As ever, the best thing about doing markets is meeting new people and making new friends. And I met a few lovely crafty people that day. It was one of the most enjoyable markets I’ve ever done.


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