New beginning

We’ve just moved to a new house. From a two-bedroom apartment where we lived for five years, we moved to a three-bedroom house with a backyard. This is incredibly exciting on many levels. It’s incredible that, first of all, that we could buy a house at all, a real, freestanding house, in a city that was rated the second worst in the world in housing affordability. Second worst in the world. Just behind Hong Kong. How lucky are we to live in Sydney.

Mark and I started looking for a house after Miss M was born. We looked at dozens of them, spending countless Saturdays looking at some truly miserable houses that fell in our price range. Houses that were falling apart, a house with asbestos leeching into the air, a house in high-crime area with metal window shutters, a house with a high-voltage power line looming over the front yard, a house that was around the corner from a rifle range.  We’ve seen it all. We’ve given up hope many times.

So it is incredible to me that, we not only finally found a house we could afford, but that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this house. The house is in a perfectly safe and quiet neighbourhood, among other well-maintained lovely houses, and is nicely renovated so we didn’t have to do anything to it. Yes we are slightly “out there” in suburbia, but still within reasonably commuting distance for Mark.

Best of all, what’s most exciting to me personally, is that I finally, finally have an area of the house I can call my own work space.

The last time I had a desk to myself was before the children came. After that I sewed on the dining table. It was okay, I got things done. But now that I have my own work space again – I have a renewed sense of appreciation for it. I feel so much more creative and motivated. I am officially ending the creative hiatus I’d been in due to the move.

Stay tuned for a flurry of new items in my shop in the coming weeks!

More lunch bags in the making:















Patchwork cushions in the making:




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  • Hooray! I’m so glad you’ve got your own workspace, it looks so lovely and neat and organised! Fingers x’d that package gets there before Easter, so sorry it’s taken so long. xxS

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