New fabrics

If you have been to my online shop, you know that I love, love, love Japanese canvas fabric with cute prints for children. They are either 100% cotton, or cotton linen blend (typically 85% cotton and 15% linen). They are sturdy without being too heavy, and I use them to make everything from backpacks and lunch bags to mobile phone cases to key chains.

I also like that, even though many of these fabrics depict juvenile (sometimes overly cute, overly babyish) images, a lot of them have natural or muted colour as the background to cut down on the sugar content. Like this for example:



















The problem with working with these fabrics (or any “designer” prints these days) is that they are seasonal, and once they are sold out, they are gone forever. I have become attached to several prints I had bought in the past, but when I sought to order more, they were nowhere to be seen. It drove me insane with frustration. I wanted them even more, and I spent hours looking for them from ebay to obscure online fabric shops — precious hours that I could have spent more productively.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson. From now on, I will keep a decent stock of a few select fabrics for the season, and when they run out, forget about them and move on to what’s new on the market.

Here is a sneak preview of fabrics I just ordered for the Fall/Winter 2011 season:

Isn’t it interesting how I tend to order more “boy” fabrics than girly ones? For one, girls are more spoilt for choices than boys in general, so I’m supporting the underdog here. Also, I personally love seeing “boy” colours and prints on girls. So there you go – I can’t wait to work with the new fabrics soon.

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