Organic food delivery

Ever since we moved to a sub­urb far away from my favourite organic mar­ket, we’ve been slack about eat­ing organic food. I still try to find organic pro­duce in super­mar­kets, but here in Syd­ney, they are lim­ited to basics like car­rots, pota­toes, pump­kins and if I’m lucky, apples.  So for every­thing else we’ve been buy­ing con­ven­tional, includ­ing straw­ber­ries — which I knew had a lot of pes­ti­cides on them, but my kids love them so much, and organic ones are so expen­sive and almost impos­si­ble to find.

Then I started read­ing this book called Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen, by Anna Lappe. Lappe makes a case for local, organic, sus­tain­able food — in a non-dogmatic, doable way. She reminded me how con­ven­tional fruit and veg­eta­bles are laden with chem­i­cals, espe­cially for frag­ile items like straw­ber­ries, and that chil­dren are espe­cially vul­ner­a­ble to them (higher residue of chem­i­cals found in children’s bod­ies com­pared to adults’, etc). Ugh. I’ve been bad. No more con­ven­tional straw­ber­ries for us!

Eat­ing fresh local food is also best, Lappe argues, because by the time pro­duce arrives from farms thou­sands of miles away, they are prac­tially wilt­ing, and their nutri­tional value has greatly dimin­ished. I actu­ally didn’t know about this dimin­ished nutri­tional value thing. Well, now I know it’s no good eat­ing old, dying food I find at the back of my fridge.

So yes­ter­day, we received our first boxes of fresh organic food deliv­ered to our doorstep (from Doorstep Organ­ics).











The veg­gie box. They look fresh!











I love the fruit box — sadly no straw­ber­ries, but still such a great vari­ety. Look, a pineap­ple! I hope it didn’t come from Hawaii or any­thing. I need to check… I’ve eaten man­darins, kiwis and pears so far, and they were amaz­ing. Organic food does taste bet­ter, no question.

It was a happy day to have so much fresh­ness com­ing to our doorstep. Now I have to try hard not to let these pre­cious fruit and veg­eta­bles go old and wilty in the back of the fridge.…