Pattern Preview — Drawstring gift bag and a mini towel with double gauze

I am very excited to share that my next sewing pat­tern is nearly fin­ished! This one is for a lined draw­string bag and a mini towel using a type of fab­ric called dou­ble gauze, and I wrote it with near-total begin­ners in mind. I love that it has two projects in one pat­tern. A begin­ner can learn the basics of sewing by first mak­ing the super-easy (but cute and use­ful) mini towel, and then move on to make the draw­string bag to learn the basics of bag mak­ing. And when you are fin­ished, you can put the mini towel inside the draw­string bag, and what a per­fect hand­made gift that would make a new baby! 

Lined drawstring bag pattern - page one

I chose to fea­ture dou­ble gauze in this pat­tern, because it is such a beau­ti­ful fab­ric for babies and chil­dren. It’s a pop­u­lar fab­ric in Japan, where you can find them in so many adorable prints.  Unfor­tu­nately though, the pop­u­lar­ity has not yet spread to the West­ern world. It’s a mat­ter of time I’m sure, but I wanted to help spread the love of this soft-as-air fab­ric. Of course, you can sub­sti­tute other mate­ri­als for dou­ble gauze if you don’t have access to it, but I really hope you’ll give it a try some day. 

The pat­tern has a sec­tion on how to work with dou­ble gauze, and through­out the instruc­tions there are tips on sewing with dou­ble gauze. So even if you are a more accom­plished sewer, you might find this pat­tern inter­est­ing just for the infor­ma­tion on dou­ble gauze.

This pat­tern, like my pre­vi­ous lunch bag pat­tern, has very detailed instruc­tions with large, clear pho­tos. Here’s a sam­ple page from the mini towel section.

Lined drawstring bag pattern - sample instruction page

The draw­string gift bag is slightly more chal­leng­ing, but is a per­fect sec­ond project for a begin­ner to gain con­fi­dence in sewing. The result­ing bag is beau­ti­ful because it is fully lined, and the ruf­fle top is par­tic­u­larly sweet as a gift bag. Once you make the gift bag, you can use exactly the same tech­nique to make a larger laun­dry bag, or shoe bag, or lots of other kinds of draw­string bags. 

The pat­tern is being tested by six lovely vol­un­teer testers right now. Four of them have already fin­ished them this week, and have kindly sent me pho­tos of their creations.

Pattern tester's finished bag and towel 1

This is Deanne’s cre­ation. She had only one sewing les­son prior to mak­ing these items for me, so I’m so pleased what a beau­ti­ful job she did. She was able to fol­low the pat­tern with­out ask­ing me a sin­gle ques­tion about it. So proud of you, Deanne!

Pattern tester's finished bag and towel 2 - Koala print

Pattern tester's finished bag and towel 3 - pink rabbitThese are the bags Sarah (navy koala) and Kristy (pink rab­bit) made. They are not exactly begin­ners, but am very grate­ful for their help with pat­tern testing. 

drawstring bag by Erika


Lastly, I LOVE this bag Erkia made. She chose her own fab­ric (how adorable is the gold­fish fab­ric!), so this is not dou­ble gauze. You can see the pat­tern works per­fectly well with other types of fabric. 

I’m still wait­ing to hear from two more pat­tern testers, but as soon as their feed­back comes through, and I revise the pat­tern, it’ll be up on my Etsy and Craftsy stores.