Slow blankets

When it comes to my handmade business, I’ve never been very good about planning ahead.  It was already spring when I started to make sun hats, and now it is almost winter and my warm winter baby blankets are still not finished…

It’s partly because I am starting to yearn for slower handmade products.  I mean, all the things in my shops are handmade, but when I zip through canvas bags with my super-fast industrial sewing machine, I confess I sometimes don’t feel the love of handmade goodness in my finished products.  Even in my cosy sewing room in the cozy house in suburban Sydney, is what I’m doing all that different from the work of factory sewers in China?

Hence the yearning for slower work.  I don’t plan on hand sewing my canvas bags anytime soon, but at least when it comes to baby blankets, I believe it’s important to have a little genuine handmade touch.











These blankets are (unfortunately) machine pieced, but the handmade touch is in the binding.  You can sew a binding on with a machine of course, but I’ve never been happy with the look.  It just looks ugly.  Besides, working with double gauze is a tricky thing.  The fabric stretches and frays, and the grain lines never seem to lie straight.  Machine-sewing this double gauze binding is hence frustrating, and the result even less satisfying.

It takes hours stitching the binding on each blanket by hand, but it is satisfying for me, and all the more fitting because baby blankets deserve to be a little special.

I just hope it won’t be spring before I finish this trio of double gauze (with the warm, luxurious 100% organic cotton fleece backing) and update my shops….

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