Liberty Oilcloth iPhone Case

I have made quite a few phone cases in the past, but I am quite excited about this one I just made.

The Liberty of London oilcloth is beautiful of course. But what I love is that this case is just the right size for my iPhone 5, and nothing else. . . . → Read More: Liberty Oilcloth iPhone Case

Rainy Day Shoulder Bags

I’ve been a little obsessed with laminated fabric lately. Particularly those matt ones that are more subtle looking. From a distance, you won’t know that these fabrics are vinyl-coated – they look like normal cotton fabric. Even up close, it’s hard to tell sometimes. My favorite is the Liberty of London laminated fabrics.

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Hello Kitty madness

I need to admit… since my last post I have officially become obsessed with Liberty Hello Kitty fabrics. I can’t stop thinking about what other little things I can make with those fabrics. Why little things? Well, aside from not needing much fabric, . . . → Read More: Hello Kitty madness

Liberty Hello Kitty fabrics… and DIY covered button hair ties

I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan. I mean, I probably was when I was 8 or so, and all the little girls in Japan loved everything with Hello Kitty on it. I know the Cat has since become an international icon of cuteness, but I never quite understood why.

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