Teapot Cozy

It’s getting cold here in Sydney. I love fall dearly, but I don’t love how quickly my tea or coffee gets cold, before I even have a chance to drink it.  A constant supply of hot beverage is essential to keep me going, especially when I work my “night shift” in my sewing room.

So last night, I decided I needed a teapot cozy. 

Piggledee photo fo a potholder pattern in progress

I began by playing with paper. I’m terrible with maths, so the only way I can come up with three-dimensional patterns is by trial and error. Making a pattern using paper is easy and inexpensive. You draw something to start with on paper, cut them out and put them together with sticky tape, and try it on a teapot. If it doesn’t fit, you cut off excess paper or add extra bits to the pattern, until it’s a perfect fit. 


Piggledee teapot cozy pattern in progress

It took a few tries to get here, but the rest is easy. You copy the tattered pattern onto a clean piece of paper and smooth out the lines. Now you are ready to sew up a sample!

Piggledee photo fo a sample teapot cozy with cat fabric

I love this cat fabric by Japanese designer Megumi Sakakibara. It’s 100% linen – gorgeous, isn’t it?

Piggledee photo of a sample teapot cozy with cat print

This is a view from the other side. And there is a surprise! The teapot cozy is reversible.

Piggledee teapot cozy sample with flannel fabric

For the reverse side, I used a flannel-like fabric by another favorite Japanese designer, Mico Ogura – isn’t the small-scale winter scenery appropriate for a teapot cozy?  There is a layer of Insul-Bright inside, to keep the teapot warm.  I finished the bottom with a brown linen bias tape.

Piggledee sample teapot cozy hat

And the cozy also doubles as a silly baby hat!

I stayed up extra late last night to actually test out my new cozy. Did it work? Yes, it did! No more going back to the kitchen for my second cup of tea to be microwaved. Hooray! 




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