Wristlet pouches

I’ve been work­ing on wrist­let pouches for a while.  So far I’ve made no less than four dif­fer­ent versions.

red and white polka dot wristlet pouch

This was the first one.  I loved its sim­ple con­struc­tion and cute shape.

But it turned out to be a lit­tle too nar­row to fit a typ­i­cal women’s wal­let.  I had no idea because my own wal­let is very small — it’s great to have a prod­uct tester to point these things out for me.

wristlet pouch with red stripy traditional japanese fabric

So this is the wider ver­sion I made.  (aside: I used this tra­di­tional Japan­ese fab­ric, with which I’ve been in love for a while.)  Def­i­nitely wide enough for big women’s wal­lets.  I also started using padding for that cushy feel.  My prod­uct tester was happy.

So I made another one using this gor­geous hand­printed fab­ric from Blue­berry Ash.

wristlet pouches using handprinted fabric

Very pretty.  At this point I was still attached to the shape of the small pouch, so I made one of each.


But deep down I wasn’t happy with the shape of the larger pouch.  It just wasn’t cute enough for me.  So I tried this one, using a recessed zip­per pat­tern, with a fake pip­ing detail.  I used another gor­geous tra­di­tional Japan­ese fab­ric called “nanairo” (seven colors).

wristlet pouch with recessed zipper

The result? It was a dis­as­ter!  It wasn’t any­where near cute.  It looked boxy and cold like a fridge.

Then I fig­ured out what I didn’t like about it: I didn’t like the bot­tom of the pouch look­ing nar­rower than the top.  I also thought the pouch was out of pro­por­tion because it was too short for its width.  So I got off my lazy chair and drafted a nice rounded pouch pat­tern.  It should be wide enough for a large wal­let, but is also slightly taller.  I scrapped the recessed zip­per idea, but made the zip­per ends a lit­tle neater.  Here’s a sample.

wristlet pouch final version with rounded bottoms

Now this one, I am in love.  See how cute it is with the bot­tom of the bag look­ing rounded and wider than at the top?  It doesn’t have a gus­set, but it is still 3D in shape because of the lit­tle darts.  It looks so friendly and invit­ing, you just want to hold in your hand all the time.

green daisy wristlet pouch

Here’s the same pouch in green.  Which one do you like bet­ter — green or red?  Finally, finally the pouches are shop-ready!