Last zakka sewing class – bucket hats

Earlier this month, we met for the last zakka sewing class for the year to make kids’ sun hats.  It is a little sad that after six months of such fun monthly activity, it has come to an end. But it couldn’t have gone on forever. All good things come to an end, and it’s time to recruit new beginners to help them get sewing.

So for our last group class, we made kids’ sun hats from a free Oliver + S pattern (available for download here).  Vicky and I thought the pattern was a challenge, but doable for our increasingly-confident sewers.  Here’s what I made the previous day to prepare for the class.

Oliver + S bucket hat pattern cut out for use


At our class, I mostly followed the original instruction from Oliver + S, except I figured out a way to put the hat together without any hand sewing. Do you like hand sewing? No, me neither. It’s very easy to machine sew the whole hat. You make two complete hats, one for each fabric, and then you put them together at the edge of the brim, right side together, leaving about a 2-inch gap for turning. When you turn the hats inside out (just like when making a tote bag), you topstitch at the edge to sew the gap shut – and there you go! No fiddly hand sewing.

And everyone did really well with their hats, don’t you think? Beautiful stitching.

three reversible bucket hats made at zakka sewing classbucket hats modelled by a little girl

Here are all the hats modelled by an adorable little girl who came to the class with her mother.

There is still a couple of spots available for next year’s zakka sewing class, starting in February. It’s free. Just bring your sewing machine and fabric. If you are in Sydney and are interested in learning to sew, please contact me.

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