Last zakka sewing class — bucket hats

Ear­lier this month, we met for the last zakka sewing class for the year to make kids’ sun hats.  It is a lit­tle sad that after six months of such fun monthly activ­ity, it has come to an end. But it couldn’t have gone on for­ever. All good things come to an end, and it’s time to recruit new begin­ners to help them get sewing.

So for our last group class, we made kids’ sun hats from a free Oliver + S pat­tern (avail­able for down­load here).  Vicky and I thought the pat­tern was a chal­lenge, but doable for our increasingly-confident sew­ers.  Here’s what I made the pre­vi­ous day to pre­pare for the class.

Oliver + S bucket hat pattern cut out for use


At our class, I mostly fol­lowed the orig­i­nal instruc­tion from Oliver + S, except I fig­ured out a way to put the hat together with­out any hand sewing. Do you like hand sewing? No, me nei­ther. It’s very easy to machine sew the whole hat. You make two com­plete hats, one for each fab­ric, and then you put them together at the edge of the brim, right side together, leav­ing about a 2-inch gap for turn­ing. When you turn the hats inside out (just like when mak­ing a tote bag), you top­stitch at the edge to sew the gap shut — and there you go! No fid­dly hand sewing.

And every­one did really well with their hats, don’t you think? Beau­ti­ful stitching.

three reversible bucket hats made at zakka sewing classbucket hats modelled by a little girl

Here are all the hats mod­elled by an adorable lit­tle girl who came to the class with her mother.

There is still a cou­ple of spots avail­able for next year’s zakka sewing class, start­ing in Feb­ru­ary. It’s free. Just bring your sewing machine and fab­ric. If you are in Syd­ney and are inter­ested in learn­ing to sew, please con­tact me.