Zakka sewing group: tote bags


This week our zakka sewing group met at our house for the second time.  We made tote bags.  The day fell on a school holiday, so there was a bit of anxiety (mostly on my part) having all the children around.  But the kids were remarkably well behaved, and played outside chasing my rabbit, while we did a lot of sewing inside.

We made a simple tote bag with lining, a gusset and a magnetic button closure. Everyone has come up with their own design and fabrics.  Here are the bags the two beginner sewers made.  This is the bag Kinuko made.  Can you believe it was only her second time using a sewing machine?

Jetty, another beginner, has made this gorgeous large tote bag for her daughter.  I love the pink lining. 

And here’s a bag Karoi made.  The large-scale print from Ikea worked really well for a large tote bag.

Gabby, who is taking a fine arts course at TAFE, made an enormous bag to fit her drawing papers. I totally forgot to take a photo… 

It was another hugely successful sewing session.  And what are we making next month? Cushions.  Vicky, who is a talented sewer has graciously agreed to teach cushion making. Yay! Check out her gorgeous patchwork cushions, quilts and other creations on her blog here.  You can also see her truly spectacular potholder.  Wow.  We are so lucky to have Vicky in this sewing group.

I was going to write a tutorial for a simple tote bag, but I am betting there are already tons of great tutorials online, so next time I’ll find a few links for you. 




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