Zipper love

I am in love with zippers right now.











Love that they come in a rainbow of colours.  Love that they are easy to use, and make a polished-looking product in no time.  Love that little children adore opening and closing zippers. So what happens when I fall in love with a particular material? I buy hundreds of them, in varying length and colours, ready for any new project that comes to my mind.  Never mind I have no storage space left in my sewing room.  I can’t help myself.

So far I’ve made pencil cases and nappy cases.




















I know, I know, everyone makes zipper pouches and has been for decades.  It is such a cliched thing really.  I have made a few pencil cases and pouches before, too.  But when I started Piggledee, I vowed not to go down the zipper pouch route, because I wanted to make things that are slightly less common.

So why the change of heart?  Well, it’s the colours.  I just “discovered” a whole range of lovely pastel zipper colours available online — whereas before, I wasn’t inspired by the same boring selection of darker colours available at local crafting shops.

Besides, as much as I love the cute Japanese fabrics I use for my shops, they don’t leave much room for creativity, because it’s those amazing fabrics that do all the talking.  With these zippers, I can have a little more fun combining the main fabric, the zipper colour, and the lining fabric.  Like this:




















Fun, isn’t it?  Padded mobile phone cases, Children’s shoulder bags, maybe even laptop sleeves – Watch out, here I come!

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